January 28, 2017

Risk Control & Safe Work Methods


The assessment of risk is a process that identifies hazards and details the control measures to be adopted. The risk assessment process should start at the earliest possible stage of a project or task and continue during the works, focusing on successively smaller elements of work and work interfaces. A comprehensive range of risk assessments have been created and are available for download from www.hsdirect.co.uk (portal). All personnel are encouraged to use these as templates and upload any new or revised versions so that everyone can benefit from the collective experience.


Method statements will generally be produced in conjunction with subcontractor involvement and, where practicable, from standard procedures. The precise content of a method statement will vary according to the scale and complexity of the task and the level of risk involved. However, a standard company method statement format may be used to ensure all relevant information which should be included is covered.


A structured health and safety training programme is to be administered by the construction director covering all of the company’s employees. Ashe is committed to ensuring that employees possess the appropriate level of competence dependent on their role in the organisation. This will be achieved through a combination of appropriate recruitment, training, selection and development of individuals, backed by advisory support. Managers at all levels are responsible for assessing and meeting the training needs of their staff. The personnel department will advise and assist managers in carrying out these tasks and in compiling formal training, as well as ensure health and safety training records for all employees are maintained.